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Prokopis Utku


"The paid betting tips offered by are the best. I’ve won more bets with these tips in the past month than I did all of last year using different tips sites and private groups. I’ve learned my lesson, I’m only getting tips from this site from now on. Many thanks to Lars!"

Okonkwo Nurten


"I was looking for the best Over 2.5 tips provider at a price that I could afford. This site delivers on both counts. The tips have a high win rate, always higher than 80% and they don’t cost a fortune. I’m very happy with the Sure Tip service. I realized they were professionals when they gave me the perfect advice on money management and the strategy I should use for such serious bets. The attitude is like a friend to a friend, which I really like. Well done guys, keep up the good work!

Workneh Lage


"Under/Over 2.5 Predictions is a site I can trust to consistently deliver high quality Over and Under 2.5 soccer tips. I am never disappointed with the tips Lars provides."

Samu Zhi


"The team of Under Over Predictions delivers on their promise. Their tips are very good with high win rate. I am very satisfied. Many thanks to my man Lars. You the best bro!"

Fynn Günther


Very good team! Respond to the moment, always give guidance if you are new to betting and have difficulty. I never worry about what I will do in case of loss because I am in the right hands. I just listen to their advice and bet. The service I use from the beginning is 2 under/over tips.

Alex Ricard


"Best Under/Over tips in the betting market. You can get a huge discount on their monthly plans, perfect replacement tips policy. I just don't know what else to say. This becomes more than fun when I bet with this team. Many many thanks!"

Edith Wulf


"Lars under/over tips has exceeded my expectations. I love the predictions I receive and look forward to receiving my email each morning."

Igor Aleksiev


"I've won five bets in a row - over 1,200 EUR - and I owe it all to Under Over Predictions. This site is the best."

Zuang Lee


"I didn't have much luck with paid soccer tips until I found Under Over Predictions. Now I'm winning more bets than ever before. My bankroll has never been this high. Good job guys!"

Manuel Letter


"The tips I receive from Under Over Predictions win so often that I think this site should change its name. Keep up the excellent work Lars."